Tribal Mining Company (TRIMCO)

Tribal Mining Company was established in 2001 in the erstwhile state of AP under the companies’ act 1956 as a joint venture TRICOR (74 per cent) and APMDC (26 per cent) to take up mining activity with active participation of Tribal Mining Cooperative Societies. Activity has been commenced in mining of semi-precious stones at (7) locations and project surveys are being taken up for assessing the potential and mining of other major important mineral resources. The objective is to harness the mining potential in tribal areas for improving the living conditions of tribal communities by distributing the mineral wealth generated, by exploiting the various mineral resources lying in the tribal regions of the state.The activities in Telangana state are yet to commence.

Tribal Power Company (TRIPCO)

Tribal Power Company was established under the companies Act, 1956 in the erstwhile state of AP in July 2002 to explore the feasibility of harnessing the hydro power available in the tribal areas and to establish mini-hydro power projects in scheduled areas by utilizing natural streams and waterfalls. The mini-hydel power projects are being entrusted to the local tribal, women organizations as the owners for management. The entire profit from such projects will accrue to the local tribals and for developing local tribal areas. The company has so far identified 79 potential locations with an installed capacity of 142.80 MW detailed projects reports were prepared for 13 projects of 16.81 MW. Pre-feasibility reports for eight projects of 9.40 MW submitted to Government of India. The activities in Telangana state are yet to commence.