Tribal Sub Plan

After the formation of the new State of Telangana on the 2nd June,2014, the State Government has attached top-most priority for the development of Scheduled Tribe population in the State, which accounts for 9.08 percent of the total population (as per 2011 census), which is significantly higher compared to the percentage of 6.99 STs in the combined State of AP.

Many innovative schemes have been planned by the Departments concerned for the all-round development of tribal population in the State. To improve the delivery mechanism of Government Welfare Schemes, it is proposed to convert Tribal Thandas into Gram Panchayats. Many innovative schemes like kalyana lakshmi,Komaram Bheem memorial are being taken up .As per the provisions of the Scheduled Castes Sub Plan and Tribal Sub Plan Act, 2013, while preparing the Annual Plan for 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18 necessary care has been taken to ensure earmarking of required funds for Scheduled Tribes Sub Plan.

Scheduled castes, Scheduled Tribes Special development fund(planning, allocation, utilization of financial resources) Act-2017 has been enacted by Telangana legislative in March-2017.

  • Strategy commenced from 1975 on wards by Government of India during 5th five year plan.
  • SCSP and TSP Act, 2013 (Act 1 of 2013) was enacted by the 11th Session of 13th Legislative Assembly which came into effect from 25.01.2013, envisaging equitable development and focus for STs living Scheduled Areas.