Tribal Cultural Research and Training Institute (TCR&TI)

  • The Tribal Cultural Research and Training Institute headquartered @ Hyderabad and in view of AP Reorganization, there is an urgent need to strengthen the institute.
  • It takes up research and evaluation on Tribal Culture and suggests suitable developmental plans / Training Programmes for socio economic development of STs.
  • The status of protective regulations like Land Transfer Regulations and RoFR Act is :


Cases booked (since inception) 52,827 (2,07,434 acres)
Cases disposed 51,943 (2,04,848 acres)
Cases decided in f/o STs 31,168 (1,05,505 acres)
Land physically restored to tribals 22,696 (81,832 acres)


Govt. of India enacted the Act “The Scheduled Tribes and other Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights (RoFR) Act, 2006 (Act 2/2007)
Implementation started in the State on 25.1.2008.

Total claims received 2,15,368 – extent claimed is 12,60,976 acres
Titles Distributed 1,00,230 – extent cleared is 8,32,653 acres
Claims rejected 1,01,368 – extent involved is 3,71,985 acres
Pending 13,772 – extent involved is 58,438 acres