Pre-Matric Scholarships to ST day scholars

Pre – Matric Scholarship for Needy Scheduled Tribe students studying IX & X classes (GoI Scheme) :

Objective :

Support parents of ST children for education of their wards, minimize incidence of drop-out from elementary to secondary stage and to improve attendance in classes IX and X for progressing well to post-matric stage of education.

Day Scholars :

Rs.150 pm for 10 months + Rs.750 Book Grant= Rs.2250 p.a.

Hostellers :

Rs.350 pm for 10 months + Rs.1500 Book Grant = Rs.5000 p.a.

An amount of Rs.3.45 Cr. have been released to the district.

State Plan 2015-16 :

On the same analogy, State Government is also providing scholarship to the students studying from V to VIII an amount of Rs.1500 per annum @ Rs.150 pm (for girls) and Rs.1000 @ Rs.100 per month (for boys) are being sanctioned under the scheme 2.10 lakh students (1.01 L Boys + 1.00 L girls) are covered. So far Rs.20.00 Crores released for the purpose as against BE Rs.40.00 Cr.

Post-Matric Hostels:

(101) sanctioned from 1994 to 2010 with intake capacity of (100) students per Hostel. (101) HWO Gr.II posts were sanctioned to look after these PM Hostels besides 150 class IV employees @ 5 for 30 hostels located in Scheduled Areas have been sanctioned. An amount of Rs.1050 is being per month per students.

Coaching to Students for eligibility tests for Admissions in Foreign Universities (New Scheme) :

Coaching in TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT etc. is being given to secure admission for pursuing higher professional studies in Foreign Universities – in 2014-15 (69) students are trained. During the year 2015-16 (78) students are under going training.

Ambedkar Overseas Vidya Nidhi :

Financial Assistance of Rs.10.00L to each meritorious ST student (having family income Urban Areas Rs.2.00 lakhs & Rural Areas Rs.1.50 lakhs) for pursuing higher education in reign universities. During 2015-16 (24) ST students are selected.