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TWD- GO's/Circular's/Memo's

S.No GO/Circular/Memo No. Section/Wing Subject Issued date Detailed document
1 test Admin test 2019-05-01 Click here
2 231838919 Admin mini 2019-04-04 Click here
3 Memo Education Guidelines and Instructions-for 100% SSC Results 2018-12-11 Click here
4 Memo Planning & Monitoring Un-electrified ST habitations located in the ITDA Areas Furnish the un-electrified ST Households along with estimated Called for Reg. 2018-11-22 Click here
5 Rc.No.C2/4214/2017-2 Admin Bud Releases under Break up particulars 500/503 OE for the 2nd quarter 2018-19 Reg. 2018-11-27 Click here
6 memo Education Supply of leather shoes and sport shoes inmates of tw instructions one month of used some shoes supplied tslipc 2018-11-19 Click here
7 Memo Education Supply of Computer lab material to 50 TW Ashram Schools Certain instructions issued Reg. 2018-11-19 Click here
8 Memo Education CC Camera to TW instruction State through Kendriya Bhander 2018-11-19 Click here
9 Circular Education 50 TW Ashram Schools Teaching through E-Section Request to furnish the names of the teachers who willing to work in the central studio - Reg. 2018-11-16 Click here
10 U.O.Rc.No.C2/7479/2017 Admin G.Swetha DEO O/o DTDO Warangal (U) Releasing of amount to pay the remuneration through TRICOR funds Request - Reg. 2018-11-13 Click here
11 Rc.No.J2/0111/2016 Education Request to provide proper Validity in the e-pass & e-hostel portal Reg. 2018-11-08 Click here
12 proceding Education Release of funds under the Scheme SH (10) Pre Mastric Scholarship from the 2nd quarter BE Provision orders issued - Reg. 2018-11-13 Click here
13 Rc.No. D2/5255/2015 Education TWD has permitted the CTW to take up Play Ground leveling in all TW institutions CE TW furnished estimates Committee constituted by the Govt TWD agreed for release of amounts to the concerned pos of ITDAs Release of amount Administrative Sanction accorded orders issued 2018-11-09 Click here
14 Procgs.No.B2/05/2018-7 Admin Release of funds under the Scheme SH (05) Educational institutions from the 3rd quarter BE provision orders issued - Reg. 2018-11-08 Click here
15 Memo Education Providing Health Services to the boarders of TW Educational institutions through Call Health Services Pvt Ltd. 2018-11-08 Click here
16 Rc.No.D2/1133/2017 Education Govt accorded permission for construction of 100 prefabricated Dining Halls secretary TW has issued certain instructions - Reg. 2018-11-08 Click here
17 memo Rc.No.4479 Education Approved Rs 4847.95 lakhs under Article 275 Development 100 Tw Govt Primary School as Model GP Schools in ITDA agency areas Asifabad Jayashankar , and khammam 2018-11-06 Click here
18 Minutes Admin Minutes of the Video Conferenceon 3.11.2018 with DTDOs and EEs 0000-00-00 Click here
19 Memo Education Implementation of Kitchen Garden in 128 TW institutions 2018-11-08 Click here
20 Procgs.Rc.No.J2/2604/2018 Education post Matric College Hostel Govt have issued guidelines for fixing he expenditure norms and ceiling limit for the budget provided for TW Dept Attached Hostels Amount released for rent for private buildings to TW Dept Sanctioned PM College Hostels for Boys at Husnabad Orders - issurd 2018-11-05 Click here
21 Proceeding Admin Regularization and Declaration of probation period of AAOs ITDAs of Zone - V orders issued 2018-11-05 Click here
22 Memo Education 2018-19 Financial Assistance to ST Law Graduates to undergo training in Administrative of justice on per with S.C Law Graduates Request to submit the report - Reg. 2018-11-06 Click here
23 Proceeding Admin Release of funds under the Scheme SH O4 Hospital and Dispensaries from 3rd quarter 2018-11-05 Click here
24 Proceeding Admin Release of funds under the scheme Public Helath 3r quarter 2018-11-05 Click here
25 Procgs.No.B2/05/2018-6 Admin Release of Budget 3rd Quarter 2018-10-24 Click here
26 Circular Memo.No.P3/514/2016 Admin CTW TS Hyd, issue of instruction on Financial procedures to all the DDOs in TW Dept - Reg. 2018-10-24 Click here
27 Rc.No.D2/0564/2018 Education Request received from the TSMSIDC authorities to accord permission to supply the sick beds at District level - Permission accorded - Reg. 2018-10-20 Click here
28 Memo Rc.No.E1/1008/2016 Planning & Monitoring Consolidated information on applications,appeals received and disposed pf RTI Act for 1 to 4 quarters 2018-10-16 Click here
29 Memo.Rc.No.J2/2877/2018 Education Pre-Matric Scholarships-Release option for 2018-19 is enabled in e-pass website-Instructions issued to DTDOs to expedite & incur the budget released by the Head office under Pre-Matric Scholarships. 2018-10-20 Click here
30 Memo Rc.No.I2/5384/2015 Admin Court casesRequest to depute concerned superintendent /Administrative officer/Manager on 20.10.2018 at 10.30 AM to the O/o CTW TS Hyderabad - Reg 2018-10-15 Click here
31 Rc.No.J2/2604/2018 Education Release of differential balance amount of Rs:42.42 lakhs to TW Post Matric College Hostels of Hyderabad and Medchal District - Orders Issued 2018-10-08 Click here
32 Procgs Rc.No.J1/5748/2017 Education Providing enhanced Cosmetics/Sanitary napkins for Girls St Boarders of all TW Hostels and Ashram Schools on par with Education Department - orders issued 2018-10-12 Click here
33 Rc.No.D2/1852/2015 Education Sanction of additional funds to take up minor repair work in all the TW institutions during 2018-19 According administrative Sanction - orders - issued 2018-10-04 Click here
34 Memo. Rc. No.J3/2049/2017 Education Post Matric Scholarships – Tahsildars to conduct 2% random verification of Income Certificates issued for claiming of Post Matric Scholarships by ST Students 2018-10-01 Click here
35 Memo.No.8935/SCDD.Edn/2017 Education Request of students who were admitted in 807 disaffiliated Courses in 163 colleges during the academic year, 2014-15 as per the supreme court direction and subsequent lateral entry students in A.Y 2015-16 to accord permission to enable online authentication (e pass) 2018-09-27 Click here
36 Memo.Rc.No.C2/3503/2018 Others Stoppage of transfers of Daily wage workers working in Telangana tribal schools & Hostels 2018-09-26 Click here
37 CTW Memo Rc.No. D2/3342/2018 Education Budget releases under all sub heads of 05-Educational institutions and scholarships- expenditure status is very poor- Instructions to DTDOs 2018-09-26 Click here
38 Procgs. Rc. No. D2/4811/2018 Education Supply of additional amenities to the inmates of TW institutions – constitution of agency wise in charges to verify and monitor supply of amenities to the inmates of TW institutions orders issued 2018-09-20 Click here
39 Procgs. Rc.No. D2/1852/2015 Education Released an amount of Rs. 1900.48 lakhs to the Project Officers of ITDAs and district collectors of Non ITDAs for taking up minor repairs in TW institutions 2018-09-17 Click here
40 Rc. No. D2/6809/2017-1 Education Procurement and supply of sports material to the TW institutions including GPS(TW)- NSIC authorities have requested to give approval to supply the sports material pertaining to civil works-Approved-certain instructions issued 2018-09-14 Click here
41 Minutes of the Meeting held on 20.08.2018 Admin Minutes of the meeting held on 20.08.2018 Commissioner of Tribal Welfare Hyderabad. 2018-08-20 Click here
42 Rc. No. D2/6809/2017-2 Education Procurement and supply of sports material to the TW institutions including GPS(TW)- NSIC authorities have requested to give approval to supply the sports material pertaining to civil works-Approved-certain instructions issued- 2018-09-14 Click here
43 D2/1985/2016 Education Setting of e-schools in (50) in TW Ashram schools 2018-09-11 Click here
44 Proc.No.D2/3495/2018 Education Implementation of “Annapurna” software application to monitor stock of various food items in TWD Institutions – Reg 2018-09-09 Click here