Land Transfer Regulation (LTR)

  • The Andhra Pradesh Scheduled Areas Land Transfer Regulation, 1959 as amended provides that
  • Prohibition transfer of land from tribal to non-tribal and among non-tribals.
  • Restoration of land to tribals in case of alienation in violation of the provisions.
  • Provision to secure long term loans by simple mortgage of the immovable property validity held to approved financial institutions.
  • Ordinary Civil Courts are precluded from initiating proceedings; prohibition to attach immovable property in execution of money decree.
  • All offences under the Regulation are made cognizable and are punishable with rigorous imprisonment up to one year or fine up to Rs.2,000/ – or both.
  • The Regulation is being implemented in the Scheduled Areas of Khammam, Warangal, Adilabad and Mahaboobnagar Districts.
  • Legal Cells have been sanctioned vide G.O.M s.No.55, SW (LTR.1) Dept., dated 24.06.2010 and established in the Offices of Spl. Dy. Collectors (TW).

Implementation of Land Transfer Regulation

S.No. Item No. Extent in acres
1 Total cases booked 52827 2,07,434
2 Total disposed 51943 2,04,848
3 Cases decided in favour of STs 31166 1,05,505
4 Land Physically restored to tribals 22696 8,18,32

Panchayat Extension to Scheduled Areas (PESA)

  • Government of India enacted Panchayats (Extension to the Scheduled Areas) Act, 1996.
  • In consonance GoAP enacted AP Panchayat Raj (Amendment Act 1998) duly amending the AP Panchayat Raj Act 1994.
  • The core principles of PESA Act are self rule, decentralization of powers. In order to implement, the Rules have been issued vide G.O.Ms.No.66 Panchayat Raj & Rural Development Department, dated 24.03.2011.
  • Aims at recognizing customary authority of local tribal communities over their community affairs, including natural resources and a wide range of development programs that take place locally etc.
  • The Gram Sabhas are empowered to consider and pass resolutions on Granting of prospecting license or mining lease for Minor Minerals in favour of local members of Scheduled Tribes or Society the following matter, control over production/manufacture of liquor in the village, prevention of alienation of lands and restoration of alienated lands, management of village markets/shandies/Santhas/Angadis, Access to collection and disposal of minor forest produce and disposal of disputes over jurisdiction relating to ownership, management of water bodies in scheduled areas like repairs, restoration, fixing of ayacut season by seasons, levy of water rate, its collection and utilization and providing fishing rights to tribals, exercising control over institutions and functionaries in all social sectors like Schools, Hostels, Anganwadi, D.R.Depots, Sub-Centers, etc, control over local development plans and resources for such plans including tribal sub-plans and Identification of beneficiaries and involvement in implementation of programs.
  • _____Gram Sabha Villages have been notified in the State of Telangana.


S.No. Districts No. of Gram Panchayats No.of Villages Notified for the purpose of Gram Sabha No. of Habitations covered
1 Khammam      
2 Warangal      
3 Adilabad      
4 Mahaboobnagar      

Scheduled Areas

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub paragraph (1) of paragraph 6 of the 5th Schedule of Constitution of India the President made “ The Sch. Areas (Part -B) States Order 1950, dated 07.12.1950 declaring the Scheduled Areas in Khammam, Warangal, Adilabad and Mahaboobnagar Districts.


Preparation of Agency Administration Reports

As per the para 3 of 5th Schedule to the Constitution of India, the Governor of the State has to submit the annual report on the administration of Scheduled Areas to the President of India. The Institute has prepared and submitted the Agency Administration Reports up to the year 2013-14.

Forest Rights Act (FRA) 2006

The Government of India enacted the historic Act “The Scheduled Tribes and other Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights (RoFR) Act, 2006 (Act 2/2007) that came into force on 31.12.2007 and framed rules, 2007 w.e.f. 01.01.2008.

The progress on Implementation of FRA as on 31.08.2015


S.No. Activity No.s Extent
1 No. of Individual claims received    
2 No. of Community claims received    
Total Claims Received    
Action taken
1 Titles distributed to individuals    
2 Community claims settled    
Total Cases Cleared    
Rejected Cases    
1 Individual claims rejected    
2 Community claims rejected    
Total Cases Rejected