Girijan Cooperative Corporation

  • Girijan Cooperative Corporation (GCC) was established in 1956 for the socio-economic development of Agency tribals.
  • It was appointed as Government Agent and conferred Monopoly Rights through “MFP (Regulation of Trade) Regulation (1) of 1979” vide G.O.Ms.No.20 SW (F2) Dept dt 14.02.1983.
  • (25) items notified as MFP are permitted for procurement.
  • At present 487 (381 Regular, 106 Contract) employees are engaged in the service of the tribals through a network of Head Office at Hyderabad. (3) Divisional Offices, (18) Society Offices, (8) MLS Points and (365) Depots in the State of Telangana.

Procurement of MFP / AP

Procurement of Minor Forest Produce & Seasonal Agricultural Produce from the tribal by ensuring remunerative prices and eliminating middlemen.

  • Rock Bee Honey
  • Gum – Karaya
  • Nuxvomica
  • Mohwa Flower
  • Mohwa seed
  • Puumgum Seed
  • Soap Nuts
  • Tamarind
  • Soya Beans
  • Paddy
  • 2013-14 – GCC (In Telangana)achieved Rs.11580.50 lakhs business turn over .
  • 2014-15 – GCC (In Telangana) achieved Rs. 11122.02 lakhs business turn over .
  • 2015-16 – TS GCC Action Plan 15000.00 lakhs . Achivement up to August 2015 4475.48 lakhs.

Distribution of Essential Commodities

Supply of Essential Commodities and other Daily Requirements through a net-work of Daily Requirement Depots.

Supply of Food Provisions and Cosmetics Items

Supply of Food provisions and Cosmetic items to Tribal Educational Institutions.

Value Addition & Retail Marketing

Processing of MFP / AP for value addition and Retail Marketing

Agricultural Credit Support

  • Seasonal Agriculture credit facilities to the tribal farmers / Society members.
  • All the major establishments including the Head Office, Processing and Manufacturing Units were in AP State.
  • Therefore, for the Telangana GCC, new establishments i.e. Head Office, MFP value addition units, new Divisional Offices/buildings, personnel recruitment, vehicles etc. are to be taken up.