Education Schemes

Educational Institutions (2225-02-277-00/11-05):

The major program under the Department is maintenance of Educational Institutions. During 2015-16, Rs.138.92 Cr. is allocated under state plan while Rs.271.49 Cr. is allocated under non plan budget for expenditure under this scheme. The components of the scheme are briefly discussed here under:

  • (a) Hostels :

    There are (212) hostels (157) for Boys and (55) for Girls) with a total strength of (40763) boarders. Accommodation and boarding are provided to the children free of cost. Other materials required for the children and also for the institution are being provided as per the pattern prescribed under G.O.Ms.No.75,SW (TW.Bud.I) Department, dated 19-07-1999.

  • (b) Integrated Hostels :

    Each of the Integrated Welfare Hostel Complexes will provide accommodation for (400) boarders belonging to SC, ST & BC. For each complex, buildings and other amenities are being provided adequately.

  • (c) Ashram Schools :

    There are (283) ashram schools (187) for Boys (96) for Girls functioning in the tribal concentrated areas. The schools provide both school and hostel under the same roof. (8) Ashram Primary Schools, (33) Ashram Upper Primary Schools and (242) Ashram High Schools are functioning while providing schooling and hostel facility to (85843) children.

  • (d) Post -Matric Hostels :

    (101) hostels are functioning to facilitate ST college students with free accommodation, and the utility charges are borne by the Department.The students staying in these hostels receive Post-Matric scholarships at attached hostel rates. Efforts are being put in to run these hostels like full fledged Pre-Matric hostels by providing supporting staff and other facilities.

  • (e) TW Primary Schools :

    (1513) Tribal Welfare Primary Schools (earlier known as GVVKs) are functioning in tribal areas to impart primary education to (32653) ST children.

  • (f)College of Teacher Education (TW), Bhadrachalam & Utnoor :

    Colleges of teacher education. (TW) were started at Bhadrachalam and Utnoor to provide B.Ed. training to the STs. Each college has an intake capacity of (200) per year and the training is being imparted as per NCTE norms. The college at Bhadrachalam is also providing distance mode training to in-service teachers and is also functoning as a study centre of IGNOU for B.Ed courses through distance mode.

  • (g) Coaching and Allied :

    Coaching is being provided to tribal children for competitive examinations through (4)Pre-Examination Training Centers (PETCs).Part of coachingcost is provided by Government of India under ‘Coaching and Allied’ scheme.Government have sanctioned Dr.YSR Study Circle, Pre-Examination Training Centre,
    to provide coaching to ST students for competitive examinations (G.O.Ms.No.90,Social Welfare (TW.Edn.I)Department,dated 01-09-2009). The study circle commenced functioning with a sanctioned strength of (100) students.Students are being imparted coaching for different competitive examinations so far.

    FAST (Financial assistance for students of Telangana) :

    Tuition Fee & Post-Matric Scholarships (2225-02-277-11-07 & 08):

    The objective of the scheme FAST is to provide scholarships to ST students studying post-matriculation or post-secondary stage to enable them to complete their education and also to provide books to ST students studying Professional Courses under Book BanksScheme. The sanction and disbursement of Post-Matric scholarships to ST students is asper the procedure laid down under G.O.Ms.No.90, SW (Edn.II) Department, dated 30-07-2002. Application, sanction, disbursement of scholarships for fresh and renewal students is being done on-line as per G.O.Ms.No.143, Social Welfare (Edn.2) Department,dated 15-07-2008. During 2014-15, an amount of Rs. 184.40 Cr. was released towards payment of arrears.During 2015-16, an amount of Rs. 87.36 Cr. is allocated to sanction of RTF. For Post-Matric Scholarships Rs.91.84 Cr. is allocated for scholarships to 1.5 lakhs ST Post-Matric students.

    (FAST) Pre Matric Scholarships (2225-02-277-11-10):

    Under pre matric scholarships bright ST children are identified and provided opportunity to receive quality education through reputed private institutions.During 2015-16, Rs.14.06 Cr. is allocated for Pre-Matric Scholarships for the following schemes :

  • (a) Best Available Schools :

    Bright children among STs are selected by District Selection Committee under the Chairmanship of Collector in non-ITDA districts and ProjectOfficers in ITDA districts and the selected ST children are being admitted in the Best Available Schools (Reputed Private Management Schools). During 2001-02, Government have issued revised guidelines vide G.O.Ms.No.70, Social Welfare (TW.Edn.II) Department, dated 1-8-2001. During 2014-15, (4271) ST students studying in (63) schools identified under Best Available Schools Program.

  • (b) Hyderabad Public Schools:

    The Tribal Welfare Department is sponsoring ST children for admission into Hyderabad Public Schools, Begumpet and Ramantapur. As perGovernment Memo No.11345/ TW.Edn.1/2009-1, dated 16-02-2010, the Department is sanctioning Pre-Matric scholarships besides running (2) hostels for the ST dayscholars
    studying in the Hyderabad Public Schools. During 2014-15, (233) ST students are continuing their studies.

    Quality Education for STs (2225-02-277-11-15): Quest :

    A joint venture of Tribal Welfare Department, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan(SSA), Rajiv Madhyamika Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) & SCERT. Aims at class specific subject specific competencies in Tribal children from Class VI to X. 60 titles of Deepika (Teacher Handbook) & Abhyasika (Students workbook) designed by selected teachers of tribal welfare. 14lakh books distributed to 2 lakh students for the academic year 2012-13. Academic measures include – reforming school time table, period duration from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, first 45 minutes teaching, next 45 minutes student practice and common Examinations at ITDA level. The scheme is intended to improve the quality of education imparted in Ashram Schools and Hostels.During 2015-16, Rs. 9.33 Cr. is allocated for the above purpose

    Upgrading TW Ashram Schools into Schools of Excellence (2225-02-277-11-16):

    The scheme is intended to upgrade TW Ashram High Schools in each ITDA into School of Excellence with a long term objective of equipping the students to compete for competitive exams such as NIT, IIT etc.During 2015-16,Rs.1.68 Cr. is allocated under Plan.

    Residential Schools for Tribals (2225-02-277-00/11-12) :

    A separate Society in the name of Telangana TW Residential Educational Institutions Society (Gurukulam) was established by bifurcating APTWREIS for managing tribal residential institutions in Telangana. To impart quality education to ST students,Government is maintaining (150) residential institutions with a strength of (42,395) Out of (150) institutions, (34) Residential schools, (28) Residential Jr. Colleges, (29) Mini Gurululams,(59) Kasturba Gandhi Balikala Vidyalayas are functioning, which include (1)School of Excellence and (2) Jr. Colleges of Excellence to provide intensive coaching for selected tribal students studying from 8th class onwards, and (7) Eklavya Model Residential Schools which were sanctioned by Ministry of Tribal Affairs, GOI which are also managed by Gurukulam. During 2015-16, under Non-Plan Rs. 88.63 Cr. and under Plan an amount of Rs.11.43 Cr. is provided for implementation the scheme.

    Residential Schools for Tribal Girls in RIAD Areas (2225-02-277-11-14) :

    The Scheme is intended to provide Quality Education for Tribal girls n RIAD Areas. Under this programme,(2) colleges are functioning one at Utnoor and another at Eturunagaram with (620) students.During 2015-16, an amount of Rs. 1.01 Cr. is allocated for the above purpose.

    Upgradation of Residential Schools into Junior Colleges of Excellence (2225-02-277-11-17) :

    The scheme is intended to upgrade the existing TW Residential schools into Junior Colleges of Excellence longterm objective of equipping students to compete for national level competitive exams such as NIT, IIT etc.(1) is functioning at Mananoor, Mahaboobnagar Dist. with a sanctioned strength of (160) students. During 2015-16, Rs.1.34 Cr. is allocated for the above purpose.